The October the ACC Celebrates PAs and PharmDs

Show Your Appreciation for Your Cardiovascular Team Colleagues!

PAs and clinical pharmacists play a crucial role in the ACC's mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health. Join us in celebrating their important contributions!

Our Special October Offers

PAs and pharmacists who join the ACC during the month of October can become members for the special rate of $88—over 35% off the usual price—using code Take50.

We are also offering existing PA and PharmD members a special discount of 15% on educational products and live courses (excluding the Annual Scientific Session) purchased during October using the code YouSave15.

Group Membership

For practices with multiple CV Team professionals, the ACC offers group discounts off of the first year of membership, so that all members of the CV Team can benefit from the ACC's unrivaled benefits.

Group membership discounts are as follows:

5–9 Applicants: $95 for the 1st Year of Membership

10–20 Applicants: $90 for the 1st Year of Membership

21–30 Applicants: $85 for the 1st Year of Membership

31+ Applicants: $80 for the 1st Year of Membership

In order to take advantage of this savings opportunity, all individuals within the group must submit their applications together in one packet, with payment included. For questions, please contact Kelli Bohannon at

An Unrivaled Range of Benefits

Make sure to highlight the benefits of ACC membership to existing members and nonmembers alike: