CVT State Liaisons serve as the state/local representative for the Cardiovascular Team Community of ACC.  Working under the purview of the Cardiovascular Team Section Leadership Council, CVT State Liaisons promote membership to non-members. Liaisons work closely with their Chapter Governors and Executives to identify opportunities for expanding cardiovascular team member’s participation and roles within the chapter.  The CV Team State Liaison Work Group serves as a conduit for identifying the next generation of leaders – within ACC National and the Cardiovascular Team Section.

CVT State Liaisons are elected to serve three (3) year terms.  To learn more about the CVT State Liaison Work Group, please contact the staff liaison, Kelli Bohannon at  

Roles and Responsibilities of CVT Liaisons

  1. Advocate for CV Team-specific benefits at the chapter level, including:
    • Advocate for reduced chapter meeting registration fees for CV Team members.
    • Advocate for the addition of CV Team representatives to relevant chapter committees, councils or task forces.
    • Encourage your chapter to plan/host a reception/recruitment event for CV Team Members during your annual chapter meeting.
    • Advocate for the inclusion of CE credits for your annual chapter meeting (if they are not already offered).
  2. Recruit a minimum of 10 new members per year.
  3. Promote CV Team Student Membership to academic institutions with relevant educational programs, within your state/area, with assistance from ACC National Staff and the Chapter Executive. Serve as a liaison between the institutions and ACC National.
  4. Stay in continuous contact with the CV Team members within your state. 
  5. Market Chapter and ACC National programs to their state colleagues.
  6. Participate in at least 50% of CV Team State Liaison Work Group conference calls.  Calls take place on a monthly basis – usually the last Thursday of the month at 5pm ET.
  7. Attend at least one of the in-person CV Team State Liaisons meetings held during the ACC’s Annual Scientific Session, during your three year term.
  8. Submit at least one article/news clip for publication in the Cardiovascular Team Section eNewsletter annually.
  9. Work with their Governor/Chapter Executive, to discuss local legislation of relevance to the CV Team Community.
  10. Serve as the chair of the CV Team State Liaison Selection Committee by identifying one or more candidates to run for the CV Team State Liaison-Election position and assisting/informing candidates about the election process.

Tools & Resources for CVT State Liaisons

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