1. About the Physician Assistant Work Group

  2. The Cardiovascular Team Section Physician Assistant Work Group was established in 2010.

    The mission of the American College of Cardiology Physician Assistant Work Group is to support the team based efforts of the College and to assist the College is achieving its mission and goals through increased utilization of the Physician-Physician Assistant team.

    1. Encourage Cardiology Physician Assistant membership and participation in the College.
    2. Improve visibility of Cardiology Physician Assistants in the College
    3. Develop and implement resources to educate cardiovascular team members and the public of the Physician-Physician Assistant Team in Cardiology
    4. Advance mechanisms of communication to PAs in the College, PAs in Cardiology practice, and to other cardiovascular team members
    5. Identifying Physician-Physician Assistant Team resources in support of the continuing professional development activities of the College
    6. Work collaboratively with other members of the CV Team Council to promote Team Based Cardiovascular care.
  3. PA Definition
    “A Physician Assistant is a highly skilled health care professional who practices medicine in a team based setting with Physicians.  The Physician-Physician Assistant relationship is a proven approach to the health care needs of the United States and increasingly internationally.  In the cardiology practice setting the Physician-PA team is able to expand access and provide high quality, cost-effective care to patients with cardiovascular disease."
  4. Physician Assistant History
  5. Physician Assistant Work Group Roster
  6. Sondra M. DePalma, MHS, PA-C, AACC, Co-Chair Michael G. Clark, PA-C, MPAS, PhD, AACC, Co-Chair
    Joni M. Barrow, PA-C
    Nicole D. Benjamin, PA-C
    Bradley G. Biskup, PA-C
    Ginger Biesbrock, PA-C, MPH, MPAS, AACC
    Jennifer M. Cervino, PA-C, AACC
    Nathaniel E. Clark, PA-C, AACC
    Robin Davidson, MPAS, PA-C, AACC
    Agnes B. Delaney, PA
    Sharon M. Dickinson, PA-C, AACC
    Camille J. Dyer, PA-C, AACC
    John Flesher, PA
    Lorick F. Fox, PA-C, AACC
    Whitney L. Gaydos, PA, AACC
    Therin Scott Hill, PA-C, AACC
    Elizabeth Anne Hoffman, PA-C
    Asma Hussaini, PA-C, AACC Amynah Jiwani, MMSc, PA-C
    Kevin Knott, PA
    Lyle Larsen, PA-C, PhD
    Brian Lentz, PA
    Jason A. Lucas, PA-C
    Scott J. Luft, PA-C
    Jean-Anne McCracken, PA-C, AACC
    Monica C. Morgan, PA-C, AACC
    Dorothy D. Pearson, PA-C, AACC
    Rebecca S. Riepshoff, PA-C
    John D. Rowley, PA-C
    Amy E. Simone, PA-C
    Eryn K. Smith, PA-C
    Heather L. Schaubach, PA Shannon K. Sherry, PA-C
    Matthew J. Thompson, PA-C John M. Tomasi, PA-C
    Joseph Faiella-Tommasino, PA-C Eddy Toussaint, PA-C
    Alexander M. Vasquez-Cariaga, PA-C
    Sherrie R. Webb, PA-C
    Mary K. Winchester, PA-C, AACC
  7. ACC Physician Assistant Workforce Survey Highlights
  8. Other Relevant Information for Physician Assistants
    1. Health Policy Statement on Team Based Care
    2. PowerPoint Presentation on the ACC Health Policy Statement
  9. How to Join the ACC
  10. Advancement to Associate of the American College of Cardiology (AACC)

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