WINnovation: Strategies From the NHLBI to Support Women Entrepreneurs and Innovators

This webinar is presented by the ACC Health Care Innovation Section and Women in Cardiology Section, in partnership with the National Lung Blood and Heart Institute (NHLBI) Small Business Program. You will hear from our speakers, Jennifer Avari Silva, MD, FACC, and Regina Druz, MD, MBA, FACC, who will share their diverse experiences as female entrepreneurs.

Ritu Thamman, MD, FACC

Jennifer Avari Silva, MD, FACC; Regina Druz, MD, MBA, FACC

Gautam Prakash, PhD, JD – Intellectual Property Advisor, NHLBI
Kwame Ulmer, MS, MBA – FDA Regulatory Expert and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, NHLBI
Luis Gutiérrez, MBA – Reimbursement Expert and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, NHLBI
Renée Arnold, PharmD, RPh – Health Economics and Outcomes Research Expert and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, NHLBI
Steve Flaim, PhD, FACC – Senior Special Advisor and Investor-in-Residence, NHLBI