September 2, 2016

What works best in your Chapter for member/patient benefit?

This week's BOG Update is brought to you by A. Allen Seals, MD, FACC, Chair of the BOG.

The BOG Returns to Washington, DC

The Labor Day weekend brings with it the end of summer, the beginning of the school year, and the first weekend of college football. But, in addition, for the elected Governors of the ACC, this time of year brings the fall BOG Meeting, held in conjunction with the ACC's 25th Annual Legislative Conference (September 10-13).

This year, the combined BOG meeting and Legislative Conference will be centered around topics that will have immediate impact on your Chapter. We have gathered together some of the best thought leaders of the College, to impart not just their knowledge and expert opinions, but to provide you with critical information on timely topics that will enhance your effectiveness in leading your Chapter. As stated by Lieutenant General U.S. Army (Ret.) Mark Hertling in his book Growing Physician Leaders, "Leadership is the art of understanding motivations, influencing people and teams, and communicating purpose and direction to accomplish stated goals, while improving the organization."

What specifically can ACC Governors expect at this three-day combined conference?

Saturday, Sept. 10

  • 6:30 pm - BOG Reception at Heart House - Opportunity to arrive and meet/interact with fellow Governors

Sunday, Sept. 11 beginning at 8 am at Heart House (Breakfast begins at 7:30 am).

  • Opening Remarks (A. Allen Seals)
  • Accreditation - Current and future ACC plans to assist physicians and hospital systems in accreditation (Wil Mick)
  • Population Health Management - The evolving role of the College on this key element of our strategic plan, involving population prevention strategies as well as efforts to assist ACC members move toward value driven care. (Rick Chazal)
  • MACRA - Information on the most comprehensive overhaul of Medicare, incorporating a complex set of metrics that will significantly impact cardiovascular care. (Paul Casale, Cathleen Biga, Christine Perez, Robert Shor)
  • Advocacy - Details on resources available to ACC Chapters and examples of best uses of these resources (Thad Waites, Rebecca Kelly, Advocacy Staff)
  • Chapter Health Index - A new tool to assist Chapters in identifying strategies to manage Chapter resources in order to meet specific Chapter objectives (Hadley Wilson, A. Allen Seals)
  • Open Discussion - Opportunity to engage speakers to provide more in depth detail (All)
  • SMARTCare - A first time presentation of information from the largest grant collaboration between ACC and CMS (Tom Lewandowski, Juan Aranda)
  • International Chapter Exchange - Information on the direct member benefits of the ACC International programs (Juan Aranda, Suresh Mulukutla)
  • Discussion on Team Based Care, Inclusivity, and the real tangible benefits for patients. Examples derived from cardiologists, CVT Members, as well as health care systems (George Rodgers, Janet Wyman)
  • Open Discussion - Opportunity to engage speakers to provide more in depth details (All)
  • Summary and Closing Remarks (A. Allen Seals)