December 2, 2016

What works best in your Chapter for member/patient benefit?

This week's BOG Update is brought to you by Governor of ACC's North Carolina Chapter and Chair-Elect of the ACC's Board of Governors, B. Hadley Wilson, MD, FACC.

The Mentor-Mentee Journey

I hope you all are doing well and surviving in early "holiday mode." The purpose of this week's BOG Update is to give a shout out reminder regarding the Mentor and Mentee program started two years ago by insightful then-BOG Chair Bob Shor, MD, FACC. We trust you've been able to stay in touch with one another this past year and capitalize on the great ideas exchanged during our time together at ACC.16, the Legislative Conference and perhaps even on occasion throughout the year. However, if you've been unable to connect since our initial gathering, or within recent weeks, I encourage you to schedule time to chat before Leadership Conference in late January. You may want to consider putting a "tickler" on your Outlook for early January if unable to connect over the holidays – just to jog your memory!

As you reflect on your journey, remember the following (both Mentors and Mentees):

  • Personal connections matter. The human voice will always trump a text. When you can, reach out…make the call. Even just to leave a voicemail. Technology is an invaluable resource during these busy days. Use it, but don't rely on it.
  • Leadership is not a solo sport. Delegating strategically is a key component to chapter success and engagement. Sharing the journey compounds effort over time, and further creates lasting bonds/knowledge transfer.
  • Align with your chapter executive. Seek out his/her input, insight and expertise. Their institutional memory serves as a critical tool in your leadership toolkit. Leverage it.
  • Use the listserv – BOG and your respective chapter.
  • Communicate, communicate, and communicate.

Suggested Mentee Actions:

  • Engage your mentor, their role is to help guide you through the process and provide guidance on how to lead your state chapter successfully.
  • Work with your chapter executive to schedule a call, or an in-person meeting with your chapter's past president(s). Maintaining these connections enhances institutional memory, and increases camaraderie and support during a time where a number of us are feeling more burdened and less connected to one another.

The goal of the BOG Mentorship Program is to create an effective support network by connecting each of us and informing us where adjustments are needed. If there are any concerns or suggestions to make this program more effective please reach out to me at or our Chair Allen Seals, MD, FACC at If you need your mentor or mentee's contact information, please reach out to Amy Dearborn from ACC Chapter Affairs at

I look forward to seeing ALL of you in January for a tremendous Leadership Forum and CV Summit in Orlando. Best for the holidays!