December 16, 2016

What works best in your Chapter for member/patient benefit?

This week's BOG Update is brought to you by BOG Chair A. Allen Seals, MD, FACC, and Immediate Past BOG Chair and current Membership Committee Chair, Bob Shor, MD, FACC.

Highlights of ACC's December BOT Meeting

The year is winding down and this will be the last BOG Update of 2016. Thank you for submitting your State of the State reports and reflecting on organizational stewardship for the Chapter Health Index. It is a busy time of year and the College appreciates your commitment to the mission, your state, your members, and your patients in 2016.

To wrap up the year, the College's Board of Trustees (BOT) met on Dec. 4 – 5 for the final Board meeting of 2016 – the last of a series of six Board meetings as a new, smaller, and more nimble Board. This year has been a year of transformation and change for the ACC in the area of governance, and it is our hope that through sharing some of the outcomes of the meeting with each of you, we can increase transparency and enhance bidirectional communication. Here are a few summary highlights from the December BOT meeting:

  • Governance Processes: Governance Committee Chair Athena Poppas, MD, FACC presented the proposed Authority Matrix which is intended to make clear how the concept of "Centralized Authority and Decentralized Decision Making" is to be operationalized. Much time was spent reviewing and discussing.
  • Population Health Management: The BOT was updated on activities of the Population Health Management Task Force's work to refine goals and priorities for the Population Health Management strategic initiative. Some of the key elements of this include:
    • Clinical Pathways and Quality Improvement Strategies
    • Quality Measurement and Reporting
    • Optimal Team-Based Care
    • Payment and Reimbursement Models
    • Clinical and Administrative Leadership
  • Member Satisfaction Survey Results: Highlights were reviewed from the 2016 ACC member satisfaction 2016. Satisfaction of members remains quite high, but market share across several physician specialties has decreased slightly over time. The Membership Committee was charged with reviewing the survey results and performing a deeper analysis of the data, with the goal of preparing recommendations to improvement relevance for ACC members. There is a face-to-face meeting of the Membership Committee in January at which the recommendations will be discussed.
  • Membership and Operations Activities: A variety of membership and operational updates of the College's activities were provided. These included 2017 Distinguished Awards; membership dues update; BOG chair-elect selection; diversity of leadership and membership of the College discussions; and a presentation of the nominees for officers and trustees.

The BOT recommended the College's new slate of officers, trustees and committee leaders put forward by the ACC's Nominating Committee. Cathie Biga was recommended to serve on the BOT from 2017 – 2020. Additionally, Paul Casale, MD, FACC and Robert C. Hendel, MD, FACC were reappointed to their positions and will serve through 2020. The BOT was informed of the results of Andrew P. Miller, MD, FACC as chair-elect of the ACC Board of Governors to serve from 2017-2018. The College is grateful for the outstanding contributions of three Trustees whose terms will end in 2017, including Thad Waites, MD, FACC, Jane W. Newburger, MD, MPH, FACC, and Debra Ness, MS, who served as a public member of the BOT. Look for more details, including bios of the new leaders, in the January 2017 issue of Cardiology magazine.

Finally, the BOT discussed a number of other topics, including: allowances for BOG and committees to manage incidentals; permission of nutraceutical companies to exhibit; long-term international Chapter and programming strategy; collaboration around personalized medicine; ABIM's position with respect to using ACCSAP model for recertification; and a proposal for committee reporting to the Board.