February 24, 2017

What works best in your Chapter for member/patient benefit?

This week's BOG Update is brought to you by CV Team Section Leadership Council Co-Chairs Eileen Handberg, PhD, ARNP, FACC; George Rodgers, MD, FACC; and Janet Wyman, DNP, RNCS, AACC.

BOG Recruitment Success: Growing the CV Team Clinicians Community
Progress Report on First-Ever BOG-Driven Recruitment Drive

In the last few years, collaboration between the ACC Sections and the Chapters has been strongly encouraged. As two of the most important member engagement bodies within the ACC, it is not difficult to understand why collaboration is so critical. Understanding the Board of Governors' (BOG) impact on the ACC overall, the Cardiovascular (CV) Team Section Leadership this past year pursued a partnership to achieve one of its most important goals: to make the ACC the home of ALL Cardiovascular Professionals. This includes clinicians from disciplines outside medicine, and refers to providers that are not cardiologists but that make high-quality care possible.

We spoke with you all about the flat growth of the CV Team Member Segment during the BOG Meeting in September. As a follow-up to that presentation and discussion, and with strong support from BOG Chair Dr. Allen Seals and ACC staff, we launched the first-ever BOG Recruitment Challenge on Nov. 22, 2016. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to help the ACC gain a larger market share of CV Team Clinicians. The benefits of this campaign, to both the Chapters and ACC National, are multidimensional. For ACC National, more members equal more mission. By growing our organization, we have a larger member volunteer pool from which to draw for our strategic initiatives both at the local, national and international levels. Attracting and retaining the best and brightest from every discipline within cardiology is the only way we can truly achieve our mission of transforming care and improving CV health across the globe.

We want to continue this active recruitment effort and as you know, there are numerous benefits to chapters if we can expand and diversify ACC membership:

  1. Improve the level of care close to home – Through membership in the ACC, your team colleagues will have access easy access to the clinical guidelines, and tools and resources.
  2. Develop the Next Generation of Leaders – Many ACC Leaders got their start at the local level. Recruiting and engaging CV Team professionals allows the Chapters and, later ACC National attract and keep the very best and brightest minds from every discipline involved in the care of CV patients.
  3. More hands on deck! Our research shows that CV Team Members crave local engagement and Chapters need engagement member volunteers. By recruiting new CV Team Members, you increase the number of potential volunteers to help complete the work of the chapter.

So where are we now? In just 2 short months the results have been impressive! This is our first attempt at a BOG-driven recruitment campaign and in just two months, the Chapters have converted 249 new CV Team Members...and we still have three weeks until ACC.17!

There is one stand-out among the Chapters that we must recognize. The team in Rhode Island, led by Dr. David Donaldson, has recruited 33 new CV Team members since the launch of this program. This has increased the size of the RI CV Team membership by almost 150 percent and the total ACC membership in Rhode Island by almost 20 percent! In the world of association membership, these are not small numbers.

Other chapters that are doing an outstanding job with CV Team recruitment include:

  1. New York Chapter – 13 New CV Team members
  2. Florida Chapter – 13 New CV Team members
  3. California Chapter – 11 New CV Team members
  4. Ohio Chapter – 10 New CV Team members
  5. Maryland Chapter – 10 New CV Team members
  6. Michigan Chapter – 10 New CV Team members
  7. Minnesota Chapter – 10 New CV Team members
  8. Texas Chapter – 10 New CV Team members

We must also mention two chapters in the southwest that beat their usual recruitment numbers for this time of year: New Mexico and Arizona.

Please note that the CV Team Section will be formally recognizing the leadership of the best-performing chapter at the CV Team Section Meeting on Friday, March 17 from 4 – 7 p.m. ET. Rhode Island is ahead of the pack, but any number of states could yet claim the crown!

Please keep up the good work. We have witnessed the BOG's ability to guide the direction of this organization and our community needs that level of support if we hope to grow. We're a quarter of the way to our goal. While recruiting 750 new members sounds a bit daunting, we know that this group is capable of amazing things. We appreciate all of your efforts to support your team. The CV Team Section Leadership is committed to assist this effort in any way that we can.

For our BOG Colleagues, below are a few tips and tricks for this and really any member recruitment campaign. We hope you find them helpful. Happy recruiting!


It Takes a Team

Work as a Chapter Triad (Governor, State Liaison & Chapter Executive) to develop a recruitment strategy and set goals.


Make the Call

Most association experts agree that nothing beats a personal phone call in converting prospective members to members.  And, who better for a prospective member to hear from than their Chapter President.  If your schedule permits, please pick-up the telephone and reach-out to folks you know and those on the prospects list provided by ACC National.  (Note: This would work well for Chapter recruitment efforts, as well!)


Hone Your Message – It should be about value

Be ready to talk about the value of membership in the ACC. 
And do not focus on the monetary benefits like discounts to the annual meeting and the like... Instead, focus on the intangibles:

  • Networking and collaborating with the brightest minds in cardiology.
  • Being a thought-leader in the area of cardiology and effective practice.

If you want to talk about a tangible benefit (like access to clinical resources), try connecting it to the nontangible...

  • Personal commitment to quality – demonstrating commitment to providing the best quality care by joining to access the latest clinical information.  By accessing the content on ACC.org as a member instead of through your institution's subscription, you support the development of resources that directly support your profession.

We are working closely with ACC Staff to bolster recruitment at by ACC National – so we are in this together. To that end, if you have recruitment tips or questions for us, please email us directly at cvt@acc.org.