ACC CEO Dr. Jack Lewin’s Statement on President’s FY 10 Budget

Contact: Amanda Jekowsky,, 202-375-6645

Washington, DC – The American College of Cardiology’s (ACC) CEO, Jack Lewin, M.D. today released the following statement addressing the President’s proposed FY 10 budget:

“There is no doubt that the dramatic rise in health care costs continues to have a tremendously detrimental effect on the overall well-being of our nation. Despite its stunning achievements, aspects of our health care system are sick and efforts to reduce waste and improve the system have been shoved aside for far too long.

“As such, the American College of Cardiology strongly supports President Obama’s ten year commitment to reforming and bettering our nation’s health care system. President Obama’s proposed budget is an aggressive and much-needed step in that direction and the nation cannot let Congress get sidetracked and bogged down in grandstanding and political maneuvering.

“President Obama's proposed budget is comprehensive and looks at prevention; reduced hospital readmissions; improved patient safety, quality of care and program integrity; and looks at private sector ideas to ensure appropriate use of technologies including imaging. The proposed budget also encourages implementation and use of health information technology which is crucial to substantive reform. By making healthy patients the goal of any reform efforts, we create less of a financial burden on our health care system that is already 17-percent of the nation’s GDP.

“Despite what some claim, new investments should not be a barrier to reform. Medicare needs to be the driver to create a more efficient health care system that focuses on quality outcomes for patients. Congress must focus on the outcomes for patients. Quality care leads directly to healthier patients and fewer hospital visits. Fewer hospital visits means lower health care costs. A system that encourages inefficiency and makes it more profitable for physicians to treat patients again and again rather than reward effective care that focuses on patients’ best interests is a broken system.

“Health care reform has long been a political football in this country. Judging from the reaction to Tuesday night’s speech, it is clear that the political will exists on both sides of the aisle to make this a top priority. The ACC is ready to do our part. It’s time that we take the ball and run with it."


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