ACC: Rise of Electronic Cigarette Use by Teens Could Create New Generation of Tobacco Users

Contact: Katie Glenn,, 202-375-6472

WASHINGTON (Aug 18, 2015) -

A statement from American College of Cardiology President Kim Allan Williams Sr., M.D., FACC, regarding research published today in JAMA on electronic cigarettes use in adolescents:

"Knowing the long-term consequences of tobacco use, it is mind boggling to think that anyone would assume e-cigarette use is acceptable among children, when for many it can function as an entry drug," said American College of Cardiology President Kim Allan Williams Sr., M.D., FACC. "This research provides one more piece of evidence that what common sense tells us is likely true: inhaling an addictive chemical is not good for anyone. We should not wait for a new generation to become addicted tobacco users to regulate e-cigarettes and prohibit marketing to minors. Changes in attitudes about smoking, regulation of advertising and the resulting declines in tobacco use have contributed significantly to reductions in heart disease wherever implemented around the world in the last 30 years. We want to move ahead in preventing heart disease and not reverse our positive trends."

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