American College of Cardiology, Saudi Arabian Cardiac Interventional Society Partner on Registries

Contact: Katie Glenn,, 2023756472

WASHINGTON (Feb 27, 2018) -

The American College of Cardiology and the Saudi Arabian Cardiac Interventional Society have partnered to implement the NCDR CathPCI Registry in hospitals across Saudi Arabia. The CathPCI Registry assesses the characteristics, treatments and outcomes of heart disease patients who receive diagnostic catheterization as well as percutaneous coronary intervention procedures.

"Our National Cardiovascular Data Registry is a leading resource for hospitals and practices improving the quality of care they provide, and the ACC's efforts to expand NCDR globally is in direct correlation with our mission to transform care and improve heart health," said ACC President Mary Norine Walsh, MD, FACC. "The Saudi Arabian Cardiac Interventional Society is a natural partner for this project as they lead efforts in the country to improve heart health in their communities."

The Saudi Arabian Cardiac Interventional Society is part of the ACC's Saudi Arabia Chapter which is one of the largest and most active chapters with 141 members and a natural ally for this initiative. Together, the two organizations aim to foster a culture of quality improvement in Saudi Arabian hospitals and this partnership represents a definitive step toward this joint goal.

In the initial phase of this collaboration, five hospitals have been selected to participate in a one-year pilot program of the CathPCI Registry. With the addition of these five hospitals, Saudi Arabia will have a total of seven active contributors to the CathPCI Registry, making it the first country outside of the United States capable of supporting a country-specific data benchmark. This benchmark would not only allow hospitals in Saudi Arabia to compare their performance to all other participating Saudi Arabian hospitals, it also lays the foundation for targeted cardiovascular research and partnerships between healthcare leaders throughout the region. Pending the success of the pilot program, the collaboration seeks to expand the network of Saudi Arabian hospitals contributing data to the CathPCI Registry. This would be the first country-wide, NCDR-based, quality improvement initiative project in the Middle East.

The five participating hospitals are:

  1. Suleiman Al-Habib Hospital, Riyadh
  2. Dammam Military Complex, Dammam
  3. King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah
  4. Suleiman Fageeh Hospital, Jeddah
  5. Care National Hospital, Riyadh

"The Saudi Arabian Cardiac Interventional Society represents all interventional cardiologists in the kingdom. Through this collaborative effort, the society hopes to standardize the level of care for coronary, structural and peripheral procedures to meet international benchmarks for safety and quality of care," said Mirvat Alasnag, MB, BCh, SACIS International Liaison. "In addition, we aim to utilize the database to identify areas for targeted improvement including STEMI, limb salvage, and valve procedures. It would also serve as a national database for research and strategic planning at a national level."

This project is sponsored by Medtronic.

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