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Recorded Sessions

Rosanne Nelson, MBA, MA
Career Planning Check-In & Network Mapping Exercise Preview

April 12 – 13 CTR Session
Ms. Nelson reviews the networking exercise which will be discussed at the April 2021 CTR session, which includes a step- by- step direction of completing the networking mapping related to your CTR Career Goals. CTR learners should consider key relationships, the importance of the relations, type of relationship, and identify the level of effort required of you in the relationship.
Please reference the pre-session materials sent by Stephanie Mitchell week of April 5. These materials are also available on the Member Hub CTR Group.
The video is 7 minutes.

Michelle O'Donoghue, MD, FACC
Presenting Yourself as a Capable Research Leader

Dr. O'Donoghue shares an overview of research leadership opportunities, including K awards and career development grants. She also reviews important considerations for Personal statements, seeking letters of recommendation or support, developing your elevator pitch and pros and cons of social media.

Tina Hernandez-Broussard, MD
Registries, EMR and Other Real-World Evidence Research

Dr. Hernandez-Broussard will review how to access registry data, opportunities and considerations for using EHR data and an overview of using NDI and other public data.

Rosanne Nelson, MBA
Clinical Trials Research & Career Planning

Rosanne Nelson, MBA, Director of ACC Member Leadership Development reviews the pre-session exercise for the required CTR Career Action Plan. Ms. Nelson will review the importance of developing your own mission, vision and values and how to map out milestones to meet your career goals.

Javed Butler, MD, FACC
The Spectrum of Clinical Research

Dr. Butler shares an overview of the spectrum of clinical research including randomized controlled trials, observational studies, health services, population research, retrospective research.

Mary Norine Walsh, MD, MACC
Who's Who in Clinical Trial Research

Dr. Walsh reviews primary roles and functions within clinical research, including principal investigators, steering, executive and publications committee member, DSMB member and events committees.

Tracy Wang, MD, FACC
Finding Funding to Match your Proposed Research

Dr. Wang will share an overview of grant options, including Local funder/grants, Not for profit grant, Government and Corporate funding sources.