ACCSAP is ACC's flagship self-assessment program covering the entire field of adult clinical cardiology. Use ACCSAP to:

  • Perfect your knowledge of CV medicine. Use ACCSAP to identify your knowledge gaps, reinforce your existing knowledge, and learn new information.
  • Pass the Boards. Use ACCSAP to prepare for the Boards – learn about the ABIM blueprint, simulate taking a Board exam, practice with hundreds of ABIM-style questions that include rationale, references, and links to related text, learn from educational text and lectures, and identify your knowledge gaps so you can plan additional study.

Complimentary access to selected clinicians is provided by


What's New About This Version of ACCSAP?

  • Regular updates. ACCSAP is updated yearly to reflect the latest science, guidelines and trials. Updates are published every February.
  • Improved access model. Your purchase now gives you dedicated access for 5 years and includes the yearly updates mentioned above. No more guessing about which version you should buy to meet your needs/timeline.
  • Better pricing. The previous version of ACCSAP cost $400 per year. This version is only $300 per year -- a 25% savings!
  • ECME credit is now available for users outside the US.
  • An enhanced quiz engine lets you easily highlight and bookmark questions so you can revisit them later.
  • New print options let you print text and/or questions at your convenience.

What Popular Features are Returning?

  • Convenient online format gives you easy access from anywhere.
  • Educational material in both text and video format allows you to learn by reading or watching/listening to a presentation. Did you know that ACCSAP includes all the lectures from ACC's Board Review course?
  • Even better questions:
    • Challenge yourself with questions that are ALL case-based rather than simple knowledge questions.
    • Create custom quizzes and simulate Board exams to personalize your learning.
    • Link from each question to its related text so you can quickly and easily learn more on that subject.
  • All the CME credit and MOC points in Medical Knowledge you need to stay licensed and certified for a 5-year period. Plus, ECME is available for users outside the U.S.

Expiration Date: Your access to this product will expire on February 15, 2023.