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Do I Need to Take a CMP Performance Assessment This Year (2022)?

Normally, you must pass a Performance Assessment every year starting in the year that your assessment requirement is due; however, due to the ongoing pandemic, ABIM has extended deadlines for all Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements to December 31, 2022. Here's what that extension means for the Collaborative Maintenance Pathway (CMP):

If your MOC assessment requirement is due in 2020 or 2021 or 2022:

  • You must pass ONE CMP Performance Assessment in 2020, 2021, OR 2022 to be counted as meeting your MOC assessment requirement. Instead of passing every year during this time, you only need to pass once.
  • If you PASSED a CMP Performance Assessment in 2020 or 2021, you do not need to worry about passing in 2022; you can participate in 2022 without the stress of achieving a passing score.
  • In 2023 and beyond, you must pass one performance assessment every year to be considered as meeting your ABIM assessment requirement.

Performance Assessment Dates

Interventional Cardiology, EP, and Heart Failure

  • August 13 – 21, 2022
  • November 12 – 20, 2022

Cardiovascular Disease

  • October 8 – 16, 2022
  • December 3- 11, 2022