Diversity, Equity and Inclusion- Role of Early Career Cardiologists, Part 2: Nurturing the Culture

To understand the dearth of DEI in the cardiovascular physician workforce and its impact on society and patient care is paramount to develop actionable steps that will help begin the work requisite of fostering the culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. In keeping with the ACC's mission, involvement of Early Career Cardiology Council (in collaboration with FIT and Academic council) is timely and valuable as early career cardiologists embark their professional lives as front runners of this workforce.

Webinar Slides

Moderator: Nosheen Reza, MD, FACC (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA)

Moderator: Howard Julien, MD, MPH , FACC (Pennsylvania Heart & Vascular, Philadelphia, PA)

Speaker: Claire S. Duvernoy, MD, FACC (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI)

Speaker: William A. Zoghbi, MD, MACC (Houston Methodist, Houston, TX)

Speaker: Mirza Umair Khalid, MBBS, FACC ( VA Hospital, Houston, TX)