Journal Club: TAVI Complications and the Role of the Heart Team

During this live presentation and expert case discussion, members of the ACC Imaging Section Leadership Council and JACC: Case Reports editorial board will review cases on TAVI complications. Attendees will have the opportunity ask questions via chat.

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be able to...

  1. Understand the role of multimodality imaging in pre-planning
  2. Appreciate the role of the heart team in the context of surgical/interventional rescue
  3. Utilize tips and tricks to avoid these complications

Julie Grapsa, MD, PhD, FACC
Lawrence Rudski, MD, FACC
Ricardo Fontes-Carvalho, MD, PhD, FACC
Maurizio Taramasso, MD, PhD
James Lee, MD, FACC
Mohammed Qintar, MD
Hellmuth Weich, MD
Philip Herbst, MD

Clinical Topics: Noninvasive Imaging