Challenging Cases With New Approaches: Perspectives From Around the World

Join the Early Career International Working Group as they partner with the Electrophysiology Council to present "Challenging Cases With New Approaches: Perspectives From Around the World." This is part two in a webinar series presented by this International Working Group where real-life scenarios are presented to an international faculty panel, bringing global perspectives to the challenges faced by early career cardiologists as they navigate their new roles and working environments.

Webinar Slides

Moderator: Auras R. Atreya, MD, MPH, FACC; AIG Institute of Cardiac Sciences and Research, India
Moderator: Poojita Shivamurthy, MD; Louisiana Heart Rhythm Institute, USA
Case Presenter: Sotirios Nedios, MD , FACC; Heart Center at the University of Leipzig, Germany
Case Presenter: Miriam Gravellone, MD; Infermi Hospital, Italy
Panelist: José Carlos Pachón, MD, PhD; São Paulo University, Brazil
Panelist: Kevin Vernooy, MD, PhD; Maastricht University, Netherlands
Panelist: Dhanunjaya (DJ) R. Lakkireddy, MBBS, FACC; Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute, USA
Panelist: Pamela Mason, MD, FACC; University of Virginia School of Medicine, USA