Finance 101 for Cardiovascular Trainees: The Essential Financial Topics to Consider Before Finishing Fellowship

Join us for part one of this series, as we discuss the financial planning all FITs should understand before finishing fellowship. We will discuss the basics of personal finance, including achieving financial stability, planning for retirement, using financial data in negotiation, and understanding investment accounts and options.


  1. Understand how to define a retirement portfolio goal (the amount needed to retire)
  2. Understand the concept of, and importance of, compound interest
  3. Understand available retirement accounts and why this is important to understand when looking for and negotiating your first job

Remember to register now for part two of this series here. Finance 201 for Cardiovascular Trainees will take place on October 28 at 7pm.

Speaker: Elisa Bradley, MD, FACC; Penn State Health Heart & Vascular Institute

Moderator: Ryan Mallory, MD; Indiana University Health