Chief Fellows Leadership Symposium

The American College of Cardiology Fellows-in-Training Leadership Council (ACC FIT) is hosting its first annual Chief Fellows Leadership Symposium on a virtual platform on Friday, May 27, 2022 from 11AM - 3PM EST. The Symposium is designed for rising chief fellows at Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) fellowships nationwide. Led by top CVD medical educators and program directors around the country, the Symposium will have diverse, interactive sessions with the goal to help chief fellows develop leadership skills, including conflict resolution and mentorship; generate ideas for curriculum design for fellows education; learn ways to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within the fellowship program; and develop strategies for fellowship recruitment.

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Theme 1 - Leadership Skills for Chief Fellows

Theme 2 - Creating the Culture

Theme 3 - Educational Leadership

Theme 4 - Recruitment and the Chief Fellow's Role in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

moderator: Emily Zern, MD
moderator: Prashanth Thakker, MD, FACC
panelist: Nosheen Reza, MD, FACC
speaker: Kathryn L. Berlacher, MD, FACC
speaker: Douglas E. Drachman, MD, FACC
panelist: Lisa Rose-Jones, MD, FACC
panelist: Gaby Weissman, MD, FACC
panelist: Andrew M. Kates, MD, FACC
panelist: Melanie S. Sulistio, MD, FACC
speaker: Julie B. Damp, MD, FACC
speaker: Marty Tam, MD, FACC
speaker: Julia H. Indik, MD, PhD, FACC
moderator: Inbar Raber, MD
moderator: Jonathan Salik, MD
panelist: Venu Menon, MBBS, FACC
panelist: Friederike K. Keating, MD, FACC
panelist: Harsimran S. Singh, MD, FACC
moderator: Pablo A Sanchez, MD
speaker: Melvin R. Echols, MD, FACC