Immigration, Visas and Finding a Job: An Information Session for International Medical Graduates (IMG)

Join the Fellow In Training Council and Immigration Lawyer, Jan Pederson as we discuss topics pertinent to immigration and the job search for international medical graduates.

This webinar, hosted by Jan Pederson, will feature the pros and cons of the various immigration visas. Specifically, the discussion will highlight options for J1 Visa holders who are looking to remain in the United States (home requirement, waiver jobs and exceptions to the norm). Finally, a panel discussion will feature early career IMG Cardiologists within various subspecialities who have gone through the job search process. Through this they will share their experiences, tips, and any aspects they "wish they had known earlier."

Legal Disclaimer
The discussion of laws and legal principles during this event is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. Please consult with your own counsel for legal guidance on compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Jan Pederson (keynote speaker- lawyer)
Nirmal Kaur (Panel discussion- interventional Cardiology)
Adhirath Doshi (Panel discussion- General Cardiology)
Vigyan Bang (Panel Discussion- Structural)
Rachna Kataria (Panel Discussion- Heart Failure)
Jenna Spears (opening session; moderator for panel discussion)
Sonu Abraham (opening session; moderator for panel discussion)