Heart Tank for the Cardiovascular Investigator - Interventional

Webinar Overview

The goal of this webinar is to help academic cardiologists conduct successful research and gain the tools they need to do so.

Join our distinguished panel of Judges Drs. Nadia Sutton, Brigitta Brott, and David Moliterno as they hear Young Investigators "pitch" their Inverventional Cardiology research ideas. See which project has the most potential and learn from our judges the tools one needs to conduct successful research.

Key Objectives/Learning Outcomes: Research ideas/pitch, interventional research

Webinar Recording

Webinar Participants

Nadia Sutton, MD, FACC
Brigitta C. Brott, MD, FACC
David Moliterno, MD, FACC

Credit Information

No credit is being offered for this webinar.

Clinical Topics: Invasive Cardiovascular Angiography and Intervention