Latest Findings from the ESC Congress 2023

Webinar Overview

Join the Early Career International Work Group as they cover the latest findings and discussions from the ESC Congress 2023. Attendance is encouraged, whether or not you participated in the live conference.

The International Work Group will be discussing the following topics:

  1. ILUMIEN IV: OCT versus angiography
  2. CASTLE-HTx: catheter ablation versus medical therapy to treat atrial fibrillation in end-stage heart failure
  3. STOPDAPT-3: an aspirin-free antithrombotic strategy for percutaneous coronary intervention
  4. DASE-AI: detect aortic stenosis by echo with artificial intelligence
  5. Subsequent pregnancies in patients with a previous PPCM

Key Objectives/Learning Outcomes: Summarize and discuss findings from the ESC Congress 2023, and introduce members to the work of the International Work Group of Early Careers

Webinar Participants

Monica Verdoia, MD, PhD, FACC

Credit Information

No credit is being offered for this webinar.