Winnovation: Innovation for Women in Cardiology

Webinar Overview

Join ACC's Women in Cardiology (WIC) and Health Care Innovation Section webinar focusing on how women in cardiology can be innovators.

This webinar explores the use of technology in managing cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women to provide personalized healthcare practices.

Key Objectives/Learning Outcomes:

  1. Advance health equity for women through sex and gender-centric considerations.
  2. Use digital platforms to increase women's understand of their own heart risk factors.
  3. Incorporate technologies to improve screening and diagnosis of CVD in women.

Webinar Recording

Webinar Participants

Ritu Thamman, MD, FACC
Jennifer Silva, MD, FACC
Rasu Shrestha, EVP

Credit Information

No credit is being offered for this webinar.