Patient With Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Referred for CV Assessment Before Treatment With Ponatinib

A 45-year-old white man with history of chronic myeloid leukemia was referred to the cardio-oncology clinic for cardiovascular assessment before being started on ponatinib (a third-generation BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase inhibitor [TKI]). He had no previous history of cardiovascular disease and no known risk factors. On initial exam, his jugular venous pressure was normal, blood pressure was 120/80 mmHg, heart rate was 79 bpm, and heart and lung auscultations were normal. His blood work showed that his hemoglobin A1C was 5.7% and his total cholesterol was 251 mg/dl (high-density lipoprotein = 72 mg/dl; low-density lipoprotein = 147 mg/dl).

His current 10-year risk for future atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease was calculated at 1.7%.

Which of the following statements is correct about this patient?

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