Traumatic Carotid Artery Dissection

A 24-year old woman presents to the physician complaining of persistent weakness in her left arm, which started one week ago. Now she is not able to take part in her favorite Zumba program due to hand weakness. She also has noticed that she has had a decreased taste sensation and it has affected her appetite. Her taste has suddenly become'' less intense'' 10 days ago. Last month she decided to start a new yoga program in the local gym, since she has desired an additional mental activity combined with her physical exercise. Her vital signs are normal, except for increased reflexes in her left arm. Neurological evaluation is otherwise normal except for hypogeusia being confirmed with a taste test. The patient has a history of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy treated effectively with valproic acid. She is not currently sexually active but has four sexual partners in the past using hormonal and barrier contraception. She has no other medical problems. Her family history includes a stroke of her father at age 67 and seizure disorder in her mother.

Which of the following would be the underlying pathophysiology of her current complaints?

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