A 52-Year-Old Male Asks for a Statin

A 52-year-old male called his primary care physician and asked whether he should be treated with a statin, a call prompted by a recent commercial. The primary care physician said he would review the records and get back to the him.

On review, the patient had had a recent lipid profile which demonstrated a cholesterol of 160 mg/dl, a LDL of 125 mg/dl, a HDL of 35 mg/dl, and triglycerides of 80 mg/dl.  Other significant past medical history was notable for well-controlled hypertension and a family history of premature coronary disease. The physician calculated the patient’s Framingham Risk Score, which resulted in an estimated 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease of 12%. The physician decided further risk stratification was in order, and asked the patient to come in to have a C-reactive protein (CRP). This was done approximately two weeks later and the level was 12 mg/L.

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