A 74-Year-Old Caucasian Woman With a History of Intermittent Borderline Hypertension

A 74-year-old White woman with a history of intermittent borderline hypertension that resolved with prior weight loss and osteoarthritis comes to see you after the results of her lipid panel. She leads an active lifestyle and wants to remain healthy and keep her risk for cardiovascular events low. Her lipid panel reveals a total cholesterol of 213, an LDL of 140, HDL of 45, and TGs of 140. Her blood pressure is 130/80. Her BMI is 28.5. She walks each day with her dog for 20 minutes, and enjoys a diet that limits red meats, though she does eat a fair amount of saturated fats.

The guideline recommended risk discussion that occurs before a statin prescription in primary prevention should focus on:

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