A Stressed 58-Year-Old CEO Presents to Your Office for a Second Opinion

A 58-year-old male presents to your office for a second opinion as he is not confident with the advice from his current physician. He is a CEO of a multinational corporation and has a stressful job. He has no medical history of note except appendectomy as a kid. He does an aerobic workout three times a week. No history of tobacco, alcohol or recreational substance abuse. His father had a heart attack at the age of 50 but is still alive at age 88. He tells you that he has had several tests done to make sure that he is in good shape and has brought the results of these tests for your review and opinion.

Physical Exam
PR: 66 bpm, regular rhythm
RR: 14/min
BP: 132/82mm Hg
Saturation: 100% on room air
CVS: Normally split S1, S2, no murmur or S3. JVP normal. Normal peripheral pulses. No carotid or abdominal bruits. No peripheral edema.
PUL: Normal vesicular breath sounds

H/H: 14.2gm/dl/43.1%
Plat: 290,000
BUN/Cr: 19/0.9 mg/dl
Lipids: T. Chol- 200 mg/dl, LDL-140 mg/dl, HDL-35 mg/dl, TGL-within normal limits
HsCRP: 4 mg/dl

ECG: Normal sinus rhythm at rate of 70 bpm, no ST-T wave abnormalities

At the end of the examination and interview, he asks you what the relevance of elevated hsCRP and what could he do to reduce his cardiovascular risk.

All of these statements regarding hsCRP would be correct except:

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