What Do I Do After I Enroll in the CMP?

After you enroll, there are two steps required for successful participation in the CMP:

  1. Verify that you see the CMP Hub within your SAP. It’s the dark blue button in the upper right corner of the dashboard. 
    • If you don’t see the CMP hub, you may need to close the SAP, go to ACC.org and LOG OUT. Then log back in & reenter the SAP.
    • If for some reason you still don’t see the ACCSAP CMP Hub, please contact ACC for assistance.
  2. Within the CMP Hub, take a Performance Readiness Check. It only takes 5 minutes and it will set you up for success when taking a Performance Assessment.
  3. Complete Your Learning Engagement Requirement
    • Spend 7 hours "engaging" in the topic covered by the 2020 Performance Assessment. This means you need to spend at least 7 hours:
      • Reading the text and/or watching/listening to presentations in topic.
      • Completing all practice questions in the topic and answering at least 70% of them correctly (you may answer as many times as necessary to achieve that score).
    • If you study online, the SAP will track your time. If you download files to listen/read offline, it will not count.
    • Track your progress in the CMP Hub of your SAP.
    • You must complete your Learning Engagement Requirement to take the Performance Assessment.
  4. Take a Performance Assessment
  5. A Performance Assessment is an online test that consists of 60 questions, is open book, and must be completed within 2 hours. Performance Assessments are available during two specific weeks each year. For more information, please visit www.ACC.org/CMP and click on Step 5: Take a Performance Assessment.