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EchoSAP, ACC's Echocardiography Self-Assessment Program, is a great way to hone your skills in the field of echocardiography!

It features:

  • A comprehensive and integrated syllabus text covering the core curriculum of echocardiography. In addition, it also includes a chapter on new technologies and applications, illustrating the most innovative and up-to-date use of echocardiography.
  • More cases than ever before! EchoSAP has 100+ cases that supplement and enhance the key points covered in the text.
  • Hundreds of upgraded questions written by experts who have been trained in the art of question writing. Mix and match these questions to meet your individual needs using our new Build-A-Quiz feature.
  • Thousands of echo images, both moving and still.
  • Convenient online access so you can use EchoSAP from any mobile device, tablet or computer – no need to keep track of CDs or DVDs.

Hardware/Software Requirements: EchoSAP is optimized for use with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. ACC recommends that you avoid using Internet Explorer to view this product.

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Cardiology Magazine Image
Cardiology Magazine Image