Campaign for the Future

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The Campaign for the Future is a $10 million member-driven campaign designed to unite cardiovascular clinicians worldwide around the shared goals of tangibly addressing global health; fostering diversity and inclusion; and ensuring leadership in cardiovascular care.
Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

The campaign for the future will transform the cardiovascular profession to be more diverse and inclusive through:

  • Expanded leadership development programs for women and under-represented minorities
  • Creation of focused Fellowship and Scholarship programs
  • Diversity and inclusion faculty training programs
  • National and local student outreach programs
Ensuring Leadership in Cardiovascular Care

The campaign for the future will build a strong core of leaders in both the college and the profession by:

  • Increasing the number of global Women in Cardiology programs
  • Expanding opportunities for FITs and Early Career members to gain skills in leadership and mentoring
  • Identifying the next generation of medical tech entrepreneurs and building affinity with the College
Addressing Global Health

The Campaign for the Future will take critical steps towards reversing negative global trends in cardiovascular health:

  • Education: A global cardiovascular and non-communicable disease prevention and treatment program targeted at front line health workers in the developing world
  • Quality Improvement: The Global Heart Attack Treatment Initiative will drive guideline and evidence-based solutions for cardiovascular care across low- and middle-income countries
  • Innovation: Pilot initiatives focused on health literacy, remote monitoring and telemedicine, and artificial intelligence will address inequities in health care by leapfrogging infrastructure challenges

Help shape the future of cardiology. Your contribution matters.

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