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Massive changes to the health care system have led the cardiovascular community to not only reassess how and where care is delivered, but to take a closer look at how they communicate with patients and each other.

In an effort to help navigate these changes, the College has designed special ACC.13 programming aimed directly at facilitating patient-centered care in the context of the rapidly changing health care system.

In particular, special CardioSmart programming throughout ACC.13 will focus on the many ways patient education can be extended beyond the practice or hospital setting to improve understanding, communication and adherence around care management strategies.

On Friday, March 8, the ACC will sponsor the first Spirit of the Heart (SOTH) community event for 2013, with the goal of raising awareness in underserved communities in the San Francisco area.

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A community leaders' forum breakfast will feature discussions by local health care, city and political leaders on heart disease prevention and community strategies, and will be immediately followed by a full day of free health screenings, a “Living with AFib” educational program and activities for the public.

During the Opening Showcase Session on Saturday, March 9, famed television and radio host Larry King will receive the first-ever CardioSmart Patient Advocate Award. His foundation – the Larry King Cardiac Foundation – is celebrating 25 years of providing funding for life-saving cardiac procedures for individuals who, because of limited means and no insurance, would be otherwise unable to receive treatment.

All day Saturday, the CardioSmart Forum will feature a series of sessions on the Expo floor, including a hands-on walkthrough of the newly revamped and sessions on topics ranging from “Why CardioSmart” to patient advocacy. In addition, there is an invitation-only CardioSmart Symposium dinner taking place on Saturday evening focused on prevention strategies for improving population health.

Throughout ACC.13 attendees can also visit the CardioSmart Pavilion and ACC Central on the Expo floor. The pavilion will showcase CardioSmart’s many partners, including Mended Hearts, Coca-Cola and Subway. Meanwhile, ACC Central provides a glimpse of what a true "CardioSmart Practice" would look like with demos of CardioSmartTV, the newly revamped, and provider toolkits.

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