ACC Weighs in on House Energy and Commerce Committee's Draft SGR Legislation

The House Energy and Commerce Committee recently released draft legislation  for repealing the flawed Sustainable Growth Rate Formula (SGR) formula and reforming the Medicare physician payment system. In comments  submitted to the Committee on June 19, your ACC expressed support of the direction taken by the committee in this proposed legislative draft. The College continues to advocate for a shift from a volume-based payment system to one that incentivizes quality. "For too long, the best cardiologists have been subject to payment cuts that do not recognize the high quality of care they are providing for their patients and we look forward to a future where that is recognized and rewarded," the ACC stressed. SGR repeal progress is also being made by the Senate Finance Committee. Stay tuned for updates on the SGR debate.

Keywords: Physicians, Health Expenditures, Medicare, United States

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