BIC-8: Is Single Blood Test for Copeptin and Troponin Safe In Low or Intermediate Risk ACS Patients?

Use of a single blood test for copeptin and troponin at admission is as safe as the current process of serial troponin testing in in low to intermediate risk patients with suspected ACS, according to results of the BIC-8 study presented at the ESC Congress 2013 on Sept. 3.

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The study randomized 902 patients to either standard serial troponin testing or the experimental single blood test at admission. The proportion of major adverse cardiac events (MACE) was then assessed after 30 days. Results showed virtually no differences in MACE incidences between the standard and experimental groups. Specifically, the study showed a MACE proportion of 5.50 percent (95 percent CI 3.52-8.14 percent; n=23) in the standard group and 5.46 percent (95 percent CI 3.49-8.08 percent; n=23) in the experimental group.

According to the study investigators, the single blood test option allowed for nearly 70 percent of patients in the experimental group to be discharged early from the emergency department, compared to roughly 10 percent of those in the standard group. "This strategy has the potential to change clinical practice," the study investigators said.

Keywords: Incidence, Hematologic Tests, Patient Discharge, Hospitalization, Troponin

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