Building Programs to Increase Purposeful Education in India

The ACC recognizes that in order to maximize its mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health, education needs to reach practitioners where they live and work. There is no country where ACC has had more success in this endeavor than India, where educational programs in 2013 reached thousands of cardiologists and physicians treating cardiovascular patients. The premier event held for the past four years is the ACC Cardiovascular Symposium chaired by Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, MACC. The program regularly draws over 1,000 leading cardiologists and provides a comprehensive two-day update across all cardiovascular competency areas. In addition to this program, ACC extended the reach of its Annual Scientific Session with an ACC.13 Update Roadshow across eight cities in India that reached over 2,000 cardiovascular professionals. Perhaps the most unique offering from ACC in 2013 was a new electrocardiogram (EKG) training program. This was also a city tour that provided training to cardiologists and primary care doctors on how to utilize and interpret EKGs. These programs and others represent the impact the ACC has had on building purposeful education in India.

Keywords: Physicians, Health, India, Religious Missions, Primary Health Care

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