Expanding Data Information and Knowledge Globally

In 2010, ACC’s registries were deployed internationally when the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi implemented the ACTION Registry — GWTG. Since then, 13 additional international facilities have adopted NCDR registries. Current international NCDR participants include facilities in Brazil, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Recently, ACC has partnered with a group of these participants to pilot a new program: International Centers of Excellence. This program recognizes hospitals outside of the U.S. for high performance standards and the provision of quality cardiovascular care. Among other criteria, pilot institutions are asked to demonstrate their commitment to quality services by actively tracking their performance and closing performance gaps based on registry data. The program is scheduled for a formal launch in 2015.

In addition, at ACC.14 the NCDR Management Board approved a new pricing structure for international hospitals that will be rolled out in 2014. The ACC is poised to partner with institutions from its 31 International Chapters and beyond in order to better understand the global burden of cardiovascular disease.

Keywords: United Arab Emirates, Registries, Brazil, India, Canada, Cardiovascular Diseases, Saudi Arabia

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