Improving Population Health in China

ACC’s China Chapter has been an exemplary chapter in the space of patient education. In China, smoking and hypertension are alarmingly prevalent. According to a recent World Health Organization report, 53 percent of Chinese men smoke and 40 percent of Chinese adults aged 45 or older have hypertension. Moreover, awareness and control of these two risk factors is limited. Only 40 percent of hypertensive patients are aware of their condition and only half of these patients receive medication.

In response to the lack of patient awareness regarding these modifiable risk factors, the ACC’s China Chapter has increased information available to the public regarding smoking cessation and hypertension management. For the last two years, the Chapter has hosted a patient education event during the Great Wall Congress of Cardiology that informs the general public about the impact of a healthy lifestyle and curbing cardiovascular risk factors. These events have been successful, with approximately 1,000 attendees each year. The Chapter has also translated CardioSmart fact sheets on various cardiovascular disease risk factors which are distributed to attendees at these events.

To build on these successes, the ACC and the Chinese Society of Cardiology are planning a major new initiative to combat hypertension in China. This project, due to launch in September 2014 at the Chinese Society of Cardiology Congress in Hangzhou, will include the release of a Mandarin language website, distribution of essential educational materials for nurses and patients, and a public health event where blood pressure screening will be conducted to raise awareness around hypertension management.

Keywords: Public Health, China, Risk Factors, Blood Pressure Determination, Hypertension, Awareness, Smoking Cessation

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