QI Meets Patient Engagement With CardioSmart.org Hospital Profiles | Cardiology Magazine

The Pulse of ACC | This year, the ACC is taking quality improvement and patient engagement to the next level. Starting in August, all hospitals participating in the NCDR will have a hospital profile established on CardioSmart.org. Through these profiles, patients, caregivers and other stakeholders will be able to search hospitals based on specific criteria (location, hospital name and services provided) and learn about every participating hospital’s quality measurement efforts through the NCDR. Soon after the hospital profiles are established, voluntary hospital public reporting for select measures will be made available for the CathPCI Registry and ICD Registry. Eligible hospitals who voluntarily agree to report their data from these registries will have their measure results posted on their profile, demonstrating a further commitment to quality improvement. The ACC encourages participating hospitals to take advantage of this quality reporting opportunity.

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