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The Pulse of ACC | The ACC, in partnership with the American Diabetes Association, the American College of Physicians and Joslin Diabetes Center, have announced the development of a Diabetes Collaborative registry, the first clinical registry aimed at tracking and improving the quality of diabetes and cardiometabolic care across the primary and specialty care continuum.

Made possible through support from founding sponsor AstraZeneca – a long-time proponent of efforts to improve diabetes care and reduce cardiovascular disease – the new diabetes registry will leverage the PINNACLE Registry’s already well-established technology platform to retrieve data from electronic medical records collected by participating primary care physicians, endocrinologists, cardiologists and other diabetes care providers.

The data measures captured in the Diabetes Collaborative Registry will expand beyond those currently captured in PINNACLE to include additional measures relevant to a wider group of providers who are involved in the coordinated care and treatment of diabetes.

Participation in the Registry is also expected to yield long-term benefits for practices, providers and patients. Physicians will be able to track adherence to performance measures at the provider and practice level, compare performance to national benchmarks, target quality improvement areas and ultimately transform the quality of care provided to patients. Researchers will also gain access to a repository of diabetes care data from various providers in outpatient settings. Patients will benefit from their physicians’ increased access to a central repository of diabetes data based on the latest science and research that can be used to tailor their care.

“Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among people with diabetes, and there is a clear need for cross-specialty management of diabetes patients,” said ACC President Patrick T. O’Gara, MD, FACC. “By consolidating patient data, this registry will allow primary care physicians and specialists who treat patients with diabetes to compare data and access real-time metrics on patients in all stages of the disease.”

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