Patient Access to Imaging Under Fire in California

In an effort to defeat California Senate Bill 1215 (S.B. 1215), which seeks to remove the in-office ancillary exception for advanced modality imaging and many other services performed outside cardiology, the ACC has joined numerous other medical organizations in signing onto a Coalition for Patient Centered Imaging letter sent to the California Senate. The letter points to a Medicare Payment Advisory Commission report from 2011 that recommended against limiting the Stark law exception for ancillary services. "There is widespread agreement that improving the U.S. health care system will require more care coordination, not less," the letter underscores. "The in-office exception recognizes that referrals within a group practice promote continuity of care in a setting that is lower cost, more convenient, and familiar to the patient." ACC California Chapter (CA-ACC) members have been meeting face-to-face with lawmakers to educate them on how the bill will diminish patient care and CA-ACC members and cardiovascular patients will speak in Sacramento in opposition to the bill on April 28.

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