Poll: Cardiovascular Biomarkers and Imaging in Older Adults

The utilization of cardiovascular biomarkers and imaging have become essential tools for the diagnosis and management of patients with cardiovascular diseases. However, the alignment of diagnostic testing in patients with underlying geriatric conditions needs further research. This is particularly pertinent with the increasing prevalence of an aging population.1

The two following questions address the association of chronological age with changes to cardiac structure and cardiovascular biomarkers.


  1. Forman DE, de Lemos JA, Shaw LJ, et al. Cardiovascular biomarkers and imaging in older adults: JACC Council Perspectives. J Am Coll Cardiol 2020;76:1577-94.

Clinical Topics: Anticoagulation Management, Geriatric Cardiology, Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies, Noninvasive Imaging, Heart Failure and Cardiac Biomarkers, Echocardiography/Ultrasound

Keywords: Geriatrics, Aged, Stroke Volume, Natriuretic Peptide, Brain, Cardiovascular Diseases, Ventricular Function, Left, Peptide Fragments, Echocardiography, Systole, Biological Markers, Troponin, Aging

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