JACC: Advances: Bringing New and Evolving Aspects of Cardiology Into Focus

“Over the past few decades, changes in patient and disease populations, emergence of new fields and advances in diagnostics and treatments have altered how cardiovascular medicine is practiced. JACC: Advances is committed to focus on these evolving aspects of cardiology,” writes Candice Silversides, MD, editor-in-chief of ACC’s newest journal JACC: Advances, in her first Editor’s Page.

According to Silversides, insights into new and evolving fields like pediatric and geriatric cardiology, critical care cardiology, cardio-obstetrics and neurocardiology are increasingly important “but not had the attention they warrant” in mainstream journals. She notes that JACC: Advances will focus on the unifying attributes of integration and collaboration that are present in so many of these newer fields, as well as health promotion and disease management. In addition, Silversides says the new journal will also publish research and reviews exploring novel findings and important advances in established specialties like interventional cardiology and heart failure.

Our goal is to create an interesting journal that appeals to a diverse readership, including researchers and clinicians of different specialties,” writes Silversides. “… At JACC: Advances, we look to our readers to help us define the future of cardiology, to contribute, to engage, to help pave the way forward, in short, to advance.”

Learn more about JACC: Advances, including how to submit papers and sign up for email alerts, at JACC.org. Also follow @JACCJournals on Twitter and Facebook using #JACCAdvances.

Clinical Topics: Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies, Acute Heart Failure

Keywords: Heart Failure, Critical Care, Health Promotion, Disease Management, Cardiology, Obstetrics

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