Eagle’s Eye View: What is the association between the influenza vaccination and acute CV events?

In this week’s View, Dr. Eagle discusses a clinical consensus statement of the ESC Council on Hypertension and the European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions on renal denervation in the management of hypertension in adults, then looks at the risk of surgical mitral valve repair for primary mitral regurgitation. Finally, Dr. Eagle explores an observational study that examines primary prevention of acute cardiovascular events by influenza vaccination.

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Clinical Topics: Arrhythmias and Clinical EP, Cardiac Surgery, Invasive Cardiovascular Angiography and Intervention, Prevention, Cardiac Surgery and Arrhythmias, Hypertension, Congenital Heart Disease and Pediatric Cardiology, Geriatric Cardiology, Noninvasive Imaging, Valvular Heart Disease, Vascular Medicine

Keywords: EaglesEyeView, Diuretics, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Ambulatory, Cardiovascular Diseases, Hypertension, Denervation, Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac Surgical Procedures, Influenza Vaccines

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