ACC CardiaCast: Conversations with Critical Care Cardiologists: A Bold New Vision for a Rapidly Evolving Field

In this episode, Drs. Shashank Sinha and Dr. Rosy Thachil launch a brand-new series, "Conversations with Critical Care Cardiologists" sponsored by ACC’s Critical Care Cardiology (CCC) Section. Listen to Drs. Sinha and Thachil as they interview leading luminaries in critical care cardiology, Drs. Robert Roswell and Michael Solomon, Chair and Chair-Elect, respectively, of the ACC’s Critical Care Cardiology Section Leadership Council. Enjoy a fun-filled, wide-ranging conversation, as they reflect on their personal and professional journey, discuss challenges in founding the inaugural CCC section, and articulate a bold new vision for this rapidly evolving field.

Keywords: CardiaCast, Research

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