ACC Unequivocally Condemns Acts of Terror and Recognizes Human Rights of Freedom, Health and Safety

The ACC continues to condemn the brutal Hamas terrorist acts of violence against Israeli civilians including women, children, and seniors, and remains concerned about the ongoing hostage situation. As a global organization, the ACC expresses our deepest concerns for our members, their families and communities affected by the ongoing conflict. We mourn the countless innocent Israeli and Palestinian lives that have been lost directly and indirectly by the ongoing crisis.

We sincerely thank the physicians, nurses and other health care workers who remain on the front lines in Israel and Gaza providing care at great personal risk, often without adequate supplies or equipment.

We stand together in our condemnation of terrorism and hope for a resolution that mitigates further loss of innocent civilian lives and supports humanitarian relief.

This statement was updated on Nov. 1, 2023 in light of the recent events in the Israel-Hamas war. The ACC recognizes that no statement at any one point in time can truly reflect the diversity of perspective and the impact of the dynamic and fluid nature of the events and their consequences to the lives of all those in the region. As such, the College will make no further statements on this crisis.

Keywords: Human Rights, Freedom, Violence, International Law

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