New CV ASC Registry Suite Tracks Cardiac Procedures and Provides Benchmarks For ASCs

The number of cardiac procedures being performed in ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) has grown significantly over the last decade, and third-party payer reimbursement, led by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, has resulted in continued trends of minimally invasive cardiac procedures on stable patients increasingly being performed outside the hospital setting. These developments have spurred the launch of ACC’s newest NCDR Registry – the CV ASC Registry Suite – to allow facilities to measure and compare their patient care and outcomes to similar procedures performed in the hospital outpatient setting.

“This registry suite is meeting an unmet need,” said Jeptha Curtis, MD, FACC, NCDR chief science advisor. “ASCs exist in a rapidly evolving space that are governed by state laws and complex regulations. NCDR has the experience and data needed to allow ASCs to benchmark their performance against similar facilities, including hospitals performing these procedures on an outpatient basis, and use that information to optimize care delivery and patient outcomes.”

The CV ASC Registry Suite offers data-driven insights on cardiac procedures performed in the ambulatory surgery setting through a first-of-its-kind dashboard. Registry participants will have access to benchmark data from ACC’s CathPCI Registry and EP Device Implant Registry for elective patients, in addition to benchmarks and comparisons, including procedures data, hospitalization rates, emergent transfer rates, medications, efficiency rates, adverse events and bleeding events performed only in ASCs. As clinical data continues to become available on the safety of minimally invasive cardiac procedures in settings other than hospitals, the volume of procedures performed in ASCs will likely grow.

Learn more about the CV ASC Registry Suite.

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