ACC and Veradigm Launch Influenza Vaccination Education Initiative to Improve CV Health

The ACC and Veradigm Inc. have announced a new “TRANSFORM VAX” initiative aimed at improving cardiovascular health through increased influenza vaccination education.

Powered by Veradigm de-identified real-world data, TRANSFORM VAX will deliver educational messaging to health care providers whose patient cohorts meet ACC-determined criteria for inclusion. It will then compare results against a control group of physicians not receiving TRANSFORM VAX messaging, enabling the ACC to establish benchmarks from which to measure future quality improvement success.

“Routine influenza vaccination is an important component of the evidence-based practice in patients with cardiovascular disease, but like many other cardiovascular treatments, deep implementation gaps exist,” said Ankeet S. Bhatt, MD, MBA, ScM, chair of the TRANSFORM VAX project steering committee. “Together with Veradigm, the ACC is studying how to reach clinicians in innovative ways to provide timely, actionable information to close implementation gaps in influenza vaccination for at-risk cardiovascular.”

“The ACC is committed to delivering innovative solutions to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health by raising clinician awareness of the benefits of flu vaccination for the most at-risk patients,” adds Ami Bhatt, MD, FACC, ACC’s chief innovation officer. 

This initiative is the latest under the TRANSFORM umbrella. The ACC introduced TRANSFORM as a new kind of quality research program aimed to improve health care by transforming the quality of care across the multi-faceted areas of cardiovascular disease. TRANSFORM programs leverage clinical registry data, office-based interventions and partnerships to include the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, health plans, employers, clinicians and patients.

Clinical Topics: Prevention

Keywords: Pharmaceutical Preparations, Evidence-Based Practice, Vaccination, Influenza, Human

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