Early Rhythm Control, Low-Dose Aspirin and Prevention, Autoimmune Diseases and Atherosclerosis

In this week’s View, Dr. Eagle looks at the clinical impact of early rhythm control and healthy lifestyles in patients with atrial fibrillation, then explores the use of low-dose aspirin in the prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Finally, Dr. Eagle discusses the association of autoimmune diseases with coronary atherosclerosis and ischemic events.

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Clinical Topics: Arrhythmias and Clinical EP, Cardiovascular Care Team, Atrial Fibrillation/Supraventricular Arrhythmias

Keywords: EaglesEyeView, Atrial Fibrillation, Healthy Lifestyle, Aspirin, Receptors, Purinergic P2Y12, Atherosclerosis, Autoimmune Diseases, Heart Disease Risk Factors

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