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The Global Heart Attack Treatment Initiative (GHATI) is dedicated to collaborating, collecting and sharing data, and utilizing tools to improve AMI care for your MI patients. This international QI program welcomes institutions with patients who present and are treated for MI with a focus on institutions in low- and middle- income countries.

Your participation is crucial to building an invaluable data set that will advance the development and delivery of acute MI standards of care worldwide.

Developed by CV colleagues, the Global Heart Attack Treatment Initiative provides:

  • Data collection through a standardized data collection tool – tracking a variety of quality metrics and data points in the inpatient setting.
  • Quarterly reports providing a view of your institutions performance compared to the cohort of participating sites. Note: All site-specific information is blinded and site anonymity is maintained.
  • Continuous updates on metric specifications and data collection as new quality metrics are added or modified.
  • Ongoing knowledge sharing and networking via webinars, listserv and learning sessions.
  • Support in identification of areas needing care or quality improvement based on data collected.
  • Assistance and guidance provided from key ACC cardiologist leaders in AMI treatment.

The Global Heart Attack Treatment Initiative (GHATI) invites all members of the care team to participate in data collection and continuous quality improvement activities. The initiative gives your institution the opportunity to use data on an international level to guide and improve clinical practice consistent with better care and better outcomes.

Here's how:

  • Flexible, standardized data collection process.
  • Data collection is easy through our secure, web-based survey form. Participating facilities only report numerator(s) and denominator(s) for available metrics and no patient level information, identifiers, or other protected health information (PHI).
  • Collect quality metric data pertinent to the management of patients with AMI.
  • Track metrics focused on a variety of clinical topics relating to AMI care.
  • Test new quality metrics as added based on the needs of the AMI community and emerging evidence.

Participating Facilities Will Receive:

  • Training/onboarding session about how to use materials.
  • Onsite clinical and administrator champions.
  • Access to network of international CV team members for best practice information/exchange.
  • Assistance with identifying areas for improvement.
  • QI toolkits and other resources to help implement change.
  • Easy-to-interpret quarterly reports. Quarterly reports allow you to establish benchmarks, assess variation in performance, and identify gaps in care. Your facility's data and reports are intended for use in internal quality improvement programs only and will not be used for other purposes (i.e., pay for performance, public reporting, or physician ranking).

Want to get involved? Email to get more information.