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ACC Member Anniversaries

Without its members, the ACC's mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health isn't possible. Here, we honor those who, through their long tenure, have helped make the College a stronger organization – and one more capable of supporting and advocating for all cardiovascular professionals. Join us in celebrating the following members who are marking an anniversary this month.*

20 Years

  • Maureen Corry, MD, FACC
  • Michael L. Heffernan, MD, PHD, FACC
  • Lismore Burton Heron, MD, FACC
  • Htwe H. Sein, MBBS, FACC
  • Rakesh R. Shah, MD, FACC
  • Jawal Suleman, MD
  • Ebere M. Ugwanyi, MBBS, FACC
  • Graham Christopher Wong, MD, MPH, FACC
  • 10 Years

  • Joni M. Barrow, PA-C, AACC
  • Laura Bruser, NP
  • Karen M. Bussone, NP, AACC
  • Larry J. Diaz, MD, FACC
  • Nobusada Funabashi, PHD, FACC
  • Sharon A. Gittzus, NP
  • Douglas M. Humber, PHARMD
  • John A. Iskikian, MD, FACC
  • Michael J. King, MD, FACC
  • Teresa Lincicum, NP
  • Lisa E. Mischke, CNS
  • Maheswari Murugesan, NP
  • Sumintra S. Reddy
  • Donna Rollinson, RN
  • Shehzad Sami, MD, FACC
  • Robert M. Sangrigoli, MD
  • Arun Kumar Sharma, MD, FACC
  • Kirk D. Stites, MD, FACC
  • Denise L. Westover, NP
  • James P. A. Yhip, MD, FACC
  • Todd K. Zynda, DO, FACC
  • *The list above chronicles ACC member anniversaries for April 2020.